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My name is Kicki and I am 43 years old. I live in Sweden with my three children: Kajsa (18), Sofie(15), Fredrik(13) and my two dogs Pricken (7), Rika (3).


I love my children and I like reading. I donīt like war and I care about the environment. Here are some pictures of my children and my dogs:

Fredrik:Fredrik, Sofie:Sofie

Pricken:Pricken, Rika:Rika

and Pricken again in a close-up:


I am sorry but I donīt have any pictures of Kajsa or myself.

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Here are some funny gifs:



Fredriks or his Homepage



Sofie hasnīt got any email YET.

I love to live and laugh and i wish everyone a good life.

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Good bye!